advanced coaching

  • Improving coaching abilities within an organisation
  • To develop specific leadership skills when coaching others
  • Become competent in formal coaching situations, such as performance management discussions
  • Learn how to ‘coach-on-the-fly’
  • Apply Skill / Will Matrix to your own people in order to identify the coaching points
  • Integrate your own tools into the coaching process, such as 360’ reports

  1. Identify how and where coaching will fit for you and your organisation
  2. Coaching models for you to use in differing situations
  3. Coaching scenarios to practice and learn
  4. Introduction to SKILL / WILL and its use in identifying where your people and teams are now and where they need to be in the future
  5. Learning how to ‘coach-on-the-fly’ for instant success
  6. Applying the skills to ‘team coaching’ situations
  7. Reviewing your own strengths and how to take them directly into your organisation