Coaching Our experience in coaching both people and teams is significant.

You may have an individual, or a Team, that requires some additional help, in terms of improving their performance and business outcomes.

pd facilitation coaches people and teams, at all levels in the organisation and around the world, with great results.

We provide a flexible approach to personal coaching, which we map out ahead of time, with both you and the coachee, in order to ensure that we target specific aspects of behaviour then performance.

Here we agree with you those aspects of the teams performance, either in terms of: a) business outcomes or b) intra-team dynamics. You may have an importnat and urgent rewquirement for your business to outperform or, within the team, where people may not be able to overcome their differences and hinder both performence and growth. With each of the above, having discussed the desired outcomes, we agree a specific structure with you, which can be longer or shorter, depending upon your needs.

Take a look at our testimonials to see for yourself.