about pd facilitation

We are a  group of people who simply love to develop others and have been doing so over the past decade, for large organisations, all around the world .‘pdfacilitation’ is a business run by Paul Dent, who facilitates workshops, training programmes and personal development activities around the world.

Paul Dent pd facilitationPaul Dent, Senior Partner

Paul has an extensive training, learning and facilitative background, working in many market segments.
He has worked in most international locations, including  North & South America through the Middle East, Russia, India, Far East, Australia, and Europe.

Luc De Haes

Luc De Haes

Focuses on business development of companies across borders, with personal emphasis on the cultural challenges.

David CotrellDavid Cottrell

An experienced multi national Business and Procurement Director, also a Consultant to developing organisations.

Gary OakleyGary Oakley

Gary has advised, coached and trained individuals and teams across senior management and a wide range of functional disciplines.